How To Do NYC on the Cheap: Holiday Edition

By Izzy Olsen - The Ursuline School

The holidays are always an exciting (yet draining!) time, both physically and financially. Between gift-giving, decorating, and celebratory festitivies, it is extremely easy to watch your bank account drop significantly - something that will inevitably put a serious damper on your holiday cheer later on. Lucky for you, there are many ways to have an exciting holiday in NYC on a budget. These tips are easy and fun - check them out!

Groupon isn't Dead Yet

Always check Groupon and other similar discount websites. Often, when planning something like a show or dinner in the City, there will be some sort of packaged deal. These packages are your best friend during the holiday season as they are affordable and give you all you need in a fun night out! Be sure to scour these discount sites, as well as other websites, for unique and affordable activities.

Use Your Feet!

Take advantage of the size of this City! One of the great things about NYC? You can walk everywhere! The advantages of walking versus using a cab are endless. Not only can you save tons of money, but you also beat the traffic and get a workout in! Take time to admire the bright lights, while you're at it - especially during the holidays season. There really is nothing like New York City during this time of year!

Take Advantage of the Free Sights

Sightseeing is always an entertaining holiday activity. Put the Rockefeller tree, the Saks Fifth Avenue store windows, Central Park and the horses, and the lights of Time Square on your list. Each of these activities is loads of fun, well within the holiday spirit, and absolutely FREE! 

You can now treat yourself with all of the money you are able to save by cutting back in small ways. Buy yourself (or someone else) a lovely present.  For me, this may or not may not translate into purchasing a big bag of hot caramelized cashews from a street vendor and strolling around Central Park!

The holidays don’t always have to be a time of economic stress. If you think about it, the true message of the holidays is family time. So, grab your loved ones, bundle up nicely and warmly and go enjoy the beautiful shining lights of the city! Your family (and your savings) will all thank you post-holidays!