How to Disconnect from Technology over Thanksgiving Break

By Gulshan Ashaque - Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

We all currently live in the 'Connected Age', an age that draws us towards technology and pulls us away from our social lives, family, and even work. Even though technology may make our lives more efficient, taking some time away from it could be just as beneficial. Studies and experiments have shown, it will help you in the long run. Here's how to get started: 

Just Turn It Off 

Turn off all PCs, Tablets, Laptops, Phones, TVs, and even car Radios. Having any of these devices on can urge you to reconnect with technology. A push notification, a phone vibration, or an inconcsequential "ding", will trigger your brain to want to engage, if only for just ‘a minute’. When you actually use it, we all know it ends up more than a single minute. We all know how much we want to stay on the NextGenVest page to read just one more article, but in order for us to really achieve our goals, it should be turned off.


Find an Actual Hobby

There’s lots of other great stuff to do instead of indulging yourself into technology. Finding a hobby would help you to establish a passion you never knew about and help you to find more friends whom also like your hobby. Some interesting hobbies include photography, DIY crafts (Try Etsy), learning to code (Try CodeAcademy), or taking a new language (Try DuoLingo). 


Try Group Games

Gather your friends and family and try playing a game that you would enjoy. Playing games that requires you to think, or perhaps even try board games for a change. There are two advantages to this, not only are you refraining yourself from technology, but you are also getting quality social time with real people, something that technology doesn’t offer. Check out Zog Sports if you are in a city! 


Go on a Trip, away from Technology

Visit a friend’s house or go on a hike. This will distract you from going back to abusing technology.  Going to a friend’s place could help you to establish a special, closer bond with them, and going on a hike or camping could help you to see the beauty of nature that had been long neglected. Even try out a musical, museum, or circus as a way to amuse yourself.


Get Ahead of Work

Last, but not least, Recognize that undone work or things that you have long procrastinated could be done in the time period when you are not using technology- Technology is the number one leading cause in procrastination, and we easily allow ourselves under its heavenly influence. However, finishing work without being distracted could help you to achieve more spare time and hence, less stress.

Just following these few and simple steps could help you to take control of your life and finally put an end to the invisible grasp of technology upon yourself.