How to Adjust to College Life

Starting life as a college student can be difficult. You’re faced with complete independence and responsibility, for possibly the first time ever. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds!

To ensure that you enjoy your time in college from the start, prepare yourself for some changes. You’ll be required to prepare or acquire your own meals, do your own laundry, and keep up with your schedule on your own. No more relying on mom to wake you up in time for class!

Start by learning the basics. Help your parents with the laundry or dinner to learn how it’s done. Maybe even get some recipes from your family!

Learn how to budget!

Your income is all yours now, and it’s your responsibility to not be reckless with it. Set a weekly allowance for yourself based on your personal income and change it as needed, and as possible. Money can be a challenge to figure out, so get some help from an adult before you make any big decisions.

Be careful about what you eat.

Being independent often means that no one is hounding you to eat your vegetables or lay off the poptarts. It’s all on you to eat foods of sustenance that will help you get through your day. Instead of loading up on calories and sugar, try creating a simple and affordable meal plan for yourself.

Pack lightly, but pack smartly!

Don't’ forget the important things, but still, go easy on how many bags you bring. Dorms usually have limited space, so packing up your entire room probably isn’t a good idea. If you’re afraid that you’ll miss home, this is your chance to find some nice family photos to remind you of your loved ones.

Invest in a planner and try out some time-management skills.

Procrastination is not your friend in college. Maybe even try out a study group to ensure that you get your work done. In college, you’ll have back-to-back classes and classes that are hours apart. This means that some of your studying will have to be done in between classes. Having a planner and actively using it allows you to be sure of your schedule for the day.

Finally, be ready to have fun!

College is exciting and new. You’ll finally get to be your own person and maybe even discover new things about yourself. This is your time to shine!