Find the Right Club For You: 5 Tips at International School of Beijing

By SeonJin Kim - The International School of Beijing

Being a freshman in high school is tough - A new environment with teachers and students that you don't know can be very challenging at first. By joining club activities that are provided by your school, it will not only help freshmen become more familiar with the school, but also will help those who are looking for new opportunities to try different things. Below are 5 tips that will help you get more involved at your high school.

Join a Club that Actually Interests You

Don’t join something just because all your friends are doing it. You are going to have to participate in the club for a year or even more, so pick a club that you are interested in simply because you enjoy and are passionate about the program.


Try Something New

It is always good to try something new! If you are an athlete, try an art club. If you are a musician, try the Math Club. New opportunities can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. By pushing yourself to overcome and challenge your limits, you will have a higher chance at achieving your goals and get to know yourself better. The things you did not like before may be your new favorite!


Join a Sports Club

It will be beneficial for those who want to be physically active outside of school hours. Being physically active not only helps your body become more fit and healthy, but also has a huge impact on your mental abilities as well. Many students think that they need to have great athletic skills in order to be able to join a sports club, but usually, it is the effort put into the sport that really counts.


Get a Leadership Position

Being greatly involved in a club will not only help by increasing connection and interaction within the members of the club, but can also help be a big part within the school and even the community. There is no point in joining a club if you are only going to be sitting around doing nothing. If you can say you are the President or the Director, that will look great for college applications.


Do a Few, Really Well

If you don’t know where to start, it might be helpful to start within a wide range, but make sure you narrow your choices down and stick to the few that interests you the most! Remember, you are always bound to make new friends and are going to get to know a wide range of people no matter which club you join.


If there are no clubs that interest you, talk with the club committee at your school and you may be allowed to create your own! Most schools will provide you the opportunity to make your own clubs, as long as it does not overlap with other clubs. Check out the NextGenVest Beijing Chapter too - we are always looking for new memebers!