Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

You are finally done with the hard part. You finished applying to colleges and you found out to which ones you've been accepted! Congrats! Now, how do you decide which college to choose? Here are a few aspects to keep in mind.


1. What major do you want?

You might have gotten into your dream college or some of the best universities in the country, but will your dream school satisfy your needs and academic interests? Often, the most prestigious schools may not have the best specialized programs in the fields that interest you. Of course, you will get a great education at an Ivy League school, but make sure you are getting what you truly want.

2. Where is the college located?

Remember, you will be spending another four years at this place. If you hate the environment you are surrounding yourself in, it will be a long four years. College is for exploring and having fun so make sure you get that too! Also, if you know that you'll want to go home often, it may not be the best idea to go to a school across the country. Consider how far away you'll be moving and if that's ok with you.

3. How big is the school?

The size of a school matters for some people and not for others. If you are someone who prefers one-on-one interactions in the classroom, make sure you choose a smaller school. If you are someone who prefers large lecture halls, choose a larger school. Neither is necessarily better than the other; it just depends on personal preference.

4. What's the school's reputation?

Often, a school's reputation may not be completely accurate. However, if the school's culture is important to you, you should take any kind of reputation that the school has into consideration. Also, if a recognizable name is something that matters to you, then make sure you take it into account when choosing your college. Brand name is not as important of a factor since smaller schools are gaining recognition for their specialized programs. However, it still can make a slight difference. Again, this is not something that matters for everyone. Ultimately, you should pick a school that you think you'll be happy at, even if it's not as well-known as other schools.


Choosing a college may be stressful but remember that you are done with the hard part! This is the fun part as you get ready for the next stage in your life.