Eating Healthy On a Budget As a College Student

By: Mandy Li

Are you having takeout everyday? Eating ramen noodles? Here are some tips to help you buy food on a budget.

Find a cheap grocery store. There are so many stores that sells groceries. I recommend to find a store that sells cheap grocery and you can also compare prices. Grocery stores will sell the same brands of food and sell it at different prices.

Buy things in bulk. Foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, dried fruits are more cheaper to buy in bulk. You can measure out how much you need.

Buy produce in season. You can find squashes during the summer and fall time a lot more cheaper. Fresh berries during the summer season.

Shop frozen. You can find a variety of frozen vegetables and fruits. They tend to be more affordable when they are in the frozen aisle. They will last longer and are more fresh because they won’t go bad since they are kept in the freezer.

Keep a checklist. Always know what you are going to buy because you don't want to shop for unnecessary items. Buy your staples item. If you have extra time on your hand, create a meal plan of what you are going to eat for this week. You can know what you need to buy and don’t have to waste a lot of time.

Get coupons and know what things are on sales. They will have apps like Whole Foods will have a list of coupons and items that are on sale or you can find a coupon book in the store. You can also print out coupons online and apply it on certain products that you want to buy. You will be surprise how much you end up saving by using coupons.

Good to have a budget. This way you know how much you can spend and know what you need to buy. This helps with overspending too much.