Dress to Impress: College Interviews

Are you feeling anxious about your interview with your potential future college? Not sure on what to wear? No worries NextGenVest has your back! Ask your Money Mentor for tips! You can even send pictures of possible options and they'll let you know if you should change, or if it's the perfect outfit for your interview.

Just remember, an interview is designed to answer one question: How interested you are in the college? You already know the answer! So, you only have one thing left to figure out. What are you going to wear? First impressions are essential for a successful interview! This means you have to dress to impress. No sneakers, no flashy clothes, and nothing too revealing.

Attire For Males

You should wear a nice neutral color shirt that has buttons and a collar or a suit with a tie, khakis, and black or brown leather shoes. Also make sure you tell your barber to give you a handsome appropriate haircut! That means no cool haircuts with designs of stars on the side of your head. You should be able to be yourself and be comfortable with what you are wearing but it has to be –– key word –– appropriate!

Attire For Females

You should wear pants, skirts or a dress depending on what you are comfortable in. Keep in mind the length of the skirt and dress. You may prefer to wear a blouse, a tank top with a blazer, or a turtleneck. Make sure that they are all neutral colors. In terms of shoes, flats or a pair of pumps are recommended.


You can also make your outfit fun with some jewelry. A nice simple necklace, bracelet, watch, or earrings can add a little of ‘you’ into your outfit. Just make sure it is not too distracting. Also, you should carry a small purse just for your personal belongings.

Hair and Nails

If you have beautiful voluminous curls or straight hair, make sure you either put it in a nice bun or have it loose so that the interviewer can see your face. Moreover, your nails should be clean and nicely trimmed. If you are painting them, again, stick to neutral colors!

Piercings and Tattoos

Many college admissions are used to seeing these. However, this does not mean that they will ignore them. Thus, if you have face piercings or noticeable ear piercings, make sure to take them out and/or hide them with your hair, if possible. As for tattoos, make sure to keep them hidden, as well.

If you follow these few steps you are all set for a college interview, or any interview in general!