De-Stress Like a Hedge Fund Manager: 4 Tips for Midterms

By Cindy Espinosa - Andover Sophomore

Midterm season is already stressful with overwhelming assignments, and exams. You should focus on your assignments without added stress by time constraints. There are simple solutions to take weight off your shoulders without using a lot of your time that you need to study.

Follow the Hedge Fund Managers: Meditate

It might sound dramatic, but meditation is key to de-stress. Don't believe me? The most successful CEOs rave about the importance of meditation. Ray Dalio, the Founder of the largest Hedge Fund in the World, Bridgewater Associates, lives by meditation and yoga. 

Seek a quiet spot to focus on yourself without distractions. Use this time to forget about pressing events on your to-do list, and immerse your mind into meditating. You can start by breathing, and keep your attention on the stillness of your breaths. If you need more help, download the app Headspace.

Calm Down to a Beat: Try Songza

Music has been proven to calm you down. You don’t have time to create yet another playlist, so try out Songza - you can search by moods like “relax” or “studying”.

Talk a Walk: Try MayMyFitness

Any type of exercise helps blood flow, and deliver more oxygen to the brain. A walk to the dining hall, to another friend’s dorm, or just around campus can alleviate stress by giving you a change in scenery. MapMyFitness will let you know how frequently you walk and when you need to walk more.

Don’t Forget to Hangout: Try Google Hangouts

Spending time with friends during midterms can be beneficial, because chances are you all need a study break. It might not be helpful to hang out with your peers at school since everyone is probably stressed with midterms. Try reaching out to friends back home or in a different state who are on another schedule using google hangouts - much better than Skype.

Remember that it’s only midterms, and it’s a turning point in your academic semester. You can catch up on what you’ve missed, get ahead in classes, or talk to your teachers for feedback. Throughout your busy schedule, be sure to leave time to invest in yourself, and breathe easier.

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