Combining Dance and Business | Unconventional Careers

By Mariana Garza - The Ursuline School

At NextGenVest’s Fund My Passion Summit, hosted in NYC on November 7th, students had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of New York’s most innovative and passionate business leaders. One of those leaders was Amy Lattimore, a former Cirque du Soleil dancer. It was quite clear who Amy was, even before she introduced herself because of her ever-so graceful descent into her chair compared to everyone else’s ever so graceless drop into theirs! Not only was her every move graceful, but her very demeanor carried a certain purposefulness and tenacious energy. Her story, I came to find, matched, if not surpassed, her aura.

Dance and Business? 

You may be wondering how dance and business have anything to do with one another. The answer is: in every way. The epitome of this is Ms. Lattimore.  A Jacksonville, Florida native, Amy began training in dance at a very young age, persistently “bugging” her parents to take her to more and more dance classes. Her determination later lead her to turn down a full scholarship, move to NY, and eventually earn her BFA in dance and Minor in Business Administration from the Ailey School and Fordham University and become a successful professional dancer.

Develop Your Inner Hustle

She attributes her success to the risks she took in her youth and to her inner-hustler. As a dancer, she learned to “put the ball to the wall, make stuff happen, and build a community” in order to survive in such a competitive world. These are essential traits any entrepreneur must have.  

Giving Back

There was no “seamless transition” from school to career for Amy. The same is true for other entrepreneurs. In accordance with her fierce initiative and community-building skills, she co-founded Prep School No. 21 in August of 2014, a mobile career-discovery platform that provides students access to advice from industry insiders using modern day tools. The skills she learned from being a dancer took her much farther than the birth of this company. Her precise attention to detail has truly brought about the perfect community-driven education brand. Prep School No.21 is revolutionizing the way students approach the job search. Without the undeniable entrepreneurship of a dancer, Amy would not be where she is today.