Before High School: Academics & Activities

Dear Parents,

The path towards the right college for your children is not always easy. Some parents have alma maters that they want their children to attend to continue on with the legacy, but some parents don’t really know where to begin. So, here’s the deal: it all starts way before they even start thinking about high school.

All children are different. All of them have an idiosyncratic mixture of strengths and weaknesses which they begin to develop from the very moment of conception. Thus, it’s important to allow them to discover the makeup of that mixture as soon as possible, so that by the time college applications roll around, they will have a pretty good idea of what they enjoy doing or what they don’t enjoy doing, or even both. There are many different and FREE outlets for just this sort of exploration.


Your child will spend most of their day in this institution, so making sure they attend a good one is vital. But, even if you have no choice, every school has its events. Whether your child loves reading or gym, figure out what it is they enjoy and encourage them to join a club or participate in an event that gives them the ability to explore that further.

The Community

Many towns have a community organization dedicated to allowing children the space to participate in different afterschool activities. For the most part, they’re located in areas where public education lacks the resources to provide this same space for children. However, they are usually open to the general public; so take advantage of the a variety of events and spaces for different things, such as drawing, music, writing, and sports, to name a few.


Joining five or six clubs will not guarantee children success later on in life. What will guarantee them success is when YOU believe in them from the very beginning, and push them past their limitations for the purposes of growing their confidence. This encouraged them to believe in themselves, and from there, ANYTHING is possible. Seriously, anything.

Best of luck!