Bachelors Degrees with Highest/ Lowest Starting Salaries

By Roderick Gao - Pennington

Nowadays, most of us have to get at least a Bachelors Degree in college in order to find a job. But what degrees should we get in order to be in the best possible position to pursue one of the jobs with the highest post-graduate salaries? Let’s take a look at some data from Michigan State University.

According to the data above, you can clearly see that any jobs regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) tends to yield the highest starting salaries. Engineering and Computer Science are the most rewarding majors. Due to the rapid growth of modern technology, as well as entrepreneurs’ success in Silicon Valley, computer science is becoming more and more important for job placements, or, beyond that, even for human progress.

Before the invention of the computer and internet, physical stores were the only options for people to buy the items they wanted. However, with the transformation of the internet, companies like Amazon, Google, and Alibaba become the dominant leaders in their field. For instance, with the help of Alibaba, starting an online store has become easier than ever.

Therefore, our market needs thousands of students with computer-related majors to further progress these technological empire. Next, Finance and Economics majors are great in terms of starting salaries, as their graduates can work on Wall Street or in any other financial centers all around the world. In contrast, students with Humanity majors earn much less starting salaries; this is probably because students with English or History majors tend to be professors, researchers, or have government-related jobs, which pay much less salaries.

However, college experiences are important and meaningful. You will spend the most rewarding and exciting four years in a college of your choice. It is a great time for you to explore your career goals and improve your intellectual capabilities as a scholar, researcher, or even as a passionate human being. Therefore, merely thinking about post-graduate salaries won’t necessarily be the best choice for you to stay in a college for four years.

Cherish your college opportunity to make new friends and learning from your professors in college is equally as important for your personal growth. Don’t forget that Happiness cannot be deprived of a healthy person. Find your balance and enjoy your life. If you can, do something to contribute to your community, or even the world!

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