Apply to Win a $20,000 Scholarship for School from Chipotle

By The NextGenVest Team

NextGenVest is pleased to provide an amazing scholarship opportunity to our community of students!Chipotle Mexican Grill is not only NextGenVest's favorite Friday Lunch treat, but it is also a company that has a bold mission to "Cultivate a Better World".  There are many ways to cultivate a better world - NextGenVest believes students can change the world if they are smart with their money. Chipotle wants to provide students an opportunity to explore these topics in their "Cultivate Creativity Essay Competition".


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$20,000 in College Scholarship + Getting your positive message on a Chipotle Bag. Lets put both of these prizes into perspective. $20,000 could pay for a whole year of college or multiple years depending on where you go to college. A whole year or more. FREE. That's a pretty big deal. And now the second prize. Ever find yourself eating Chipotle in a store, loving it of course, and then getting bored at looking at your phone? You've probably been entertained by the cool quotes or thoughts from famous writers on the Chipotle bag sittng in front of you. You could be the person making someone's day by adding a little bit of creativity to their lives!  


This is a lot of money you could win for your future so you want to be creative, memorable, and tell a real story around how you hope to "Cultivate a better world". Here are some guidelines: What to write about? If you are a NextGenVest Club Member, write about your experience teaching your peers about money so they make smart decisions in the future! 30% of students who take out college loans drop out before getting a degree due to financial anxiety. By hosting a NextGenVest Club, you are helping reduce this outcome by making complex money topics easy to understand. This is just a place to start! How to present it? Tell a story! Just like a future college essay, you should tell a specific and meaningful story that has a beginning, middle, and end. Keep it concise.How can I make it inspiring? Make sure a reader leaves the essay thinking "Wow, that made me feel great!" Add some humor it in the essay too! Imagine yourself reading it on a Chipotle bag - you would want a laugh too!


May 31st so get them in!

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