Apply to Be a NextGenVest Financial Aid Workshop Leader!

What is NextGenVest?

NextGenVest is the Money Mentor for every student. We provide on-demand help on how to pay for college over text message. Each year, 1.4 million students overpay for college and leave $2.7 Billion in free federal aid unclaimed. Your Money Mentor is like your personal financial assistant who will help you fill out financial aid paperwork, find scholarships, negotiate your tuition and more.


What's the NextGenVest Financial Aid Workshop Leader internship about?

As a NextGenVest Financial Aid Workshop Leader, you will learn how to host financial aid workshops in high schools within your community! You will be supporting our mission of helping thousands of low-to-middle income students across the country to make information on the financial aid process more accessible, easier to understand, and help students make smarter financial decisions overall. Each time you host a workshop, you'll give the students a code so that they can connect with their own Money Mentors for free!

How do I apply?

Right here: NextGenVest Fall 2017 Internship Application
No resum├ęs or cover letters required! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Who should apply?

Any undergraduate college student interested in giving back to the community! All majors are welcome but the internship is especially great for those pursing a career in education, counseling, marketing, communications, or finance.

Current high school and international students without Social Security Numbers or work authorizations are ineligible to apply.

Financial Aid Workshop Leader

What are the dates and time commitment?

We're currently looking for Financial Aid Workshop Leaders for the Fall 2017 semester. Time commitment each week is very flexible. You would be working 2-4 hours per week hosting 1-3 financial aid workshops at high schools within your city as long as you have availability in the mornings and afternoons. You'll be assigned workshops that fit your schedule and your travel costs will be reimbursed!

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What are the perks?

You'll gain valuable public speaking and management skills and the chance to be a source of help and inspiration to high school students in your city. You'll also earn prizes based on the value points delivered to your audience members by their Money Mentors!
On top of all this, you'll build relationships with the NextGenVest team and with teachers and counselors which can help you grow your network!


So what are you waiting for?! Apply today! NextGenVest Fall 2017 Internship Application

For any questions, please contact celine@nextgenvest.com