Apply to Be a Marketing and Recruitment Intern at NextGenVest!

What is NextGenVest?

NextGenVest is the Money Mentor for every student. We provide on-demand help on how to pay for college over text message. Each year, 1.4 million students overpay for college and leave $2.7 Billion in free federal aid unclaimed. Your "Money Mentor", or trained college student, will help you fill out financial aid paperwork, find scholarships, negotiate your tuition and more.

What's the marketing and recruitment internship about?

You'll be taking a crucial role to manage our screening and on-boarding process of candidates applying to our full-time engineering roles. You'll also be performing talent acquisition to find candidates that would be the right fit for our roles.

A picture of our office!

What are the responsibilities?
  • Keep track of applicant information
  • Create visuals or simplistic way to show progression of each applicant through the funnel
  • Actively look for talent through job board websites such as AngelList and LinkedIn
  • Learn useful marketing techniques through emailing
Where would I be working?

If you live near NYC, then you're expected to come in to our trendy office located in Grand Central. If you're from anywhere else, you'll be working remotely!

How do I apply?

Right here!

Is it a paid internship?

This is an unpaid internship, but you can ask your advisor on getting an internship credit! You can read more about it through here.

Who should apply?

Any college or graduate student interested in pursuing a career in human resources, web development, software engineering, or someone who still wants to explore career paths.

Also, those with creative minds and are not hesitant to provide feedback to our senior team is highly preferred!

What are the dates and time commitment?

This is a one month long internship from July 24th - September 4th, 2017.
You would need to reserve four days a week working two-three hours per day.

What do you get?
  • Free NextGenVest swag which includes stickers and a t-shirt!
  • Team lunches on Fridays (if you're in NYC)
  • Mentorship and career coaching from our CEO Kelly!
  • Learning new skills that you can put on your resume

Apply now!

For any questions, please contact nicole@nextgenvest.com