Ambassador Spotlight | Meet Ambassador Fred Chang, New Jersey Regional Director (3 min read)

By Fred Chang - The Pingry School - Chief Regional Director - Warren, NJ

Entrepreneur Supporting Positive Missions

What are the primary activities you do at your school?

I am the President of the NextGenVest Pingry Chapter and also the New Jersey Regional Chapter Director. In this role, I help build the NextGenVest community in New Jersey and have also worked to develop social media strategies with other Regional Directors. I am the President and Co-President of Pingry's Acapella Group, the Pingry Entrepreneur Club, KPOP Dance Club, and the Future Business Leaders of America Club. I am also a member of the Salvation Army Club and the Student Technology Committee, and the Pingry Track and Field Team. Last year, I was also the lead in our school's musical, Seussical!.

What are two things you might want to study in college? 

In college I plan on studying Entrepreneurship and Business Administration

What are two jobs you would be interested in and why?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, because I'm very interested in business. My dream job would be to establish my own start-up, and ultimately have it be successful! As a capable leader and organizer of clubs, I feel that these traits will be extremely valuable in the business field, especially as an entrepreneur. If I could launch my company now, it would be one that would enhance the world and uphold the utmost moral ethics.

Who is your business hero and why? 

My business hero is my dad. He was born into a relatively poor family in Myanmar. He did not finish middle school, having little to no capital to start anything of his own. However, he has always had a mind for business and sought to make money for his family, even if that meant selling smoothies on the street. He immigrated to the United States, where he was able to create his own business, which has become successful. For this, I am very thankful. Because of my father, I see that with the right drive and work ethic, even the poorest can make it possible. I have also learned something very priceless: my father never decided to put profit over family. Although he works on separate business ventures in Asia, he always puts family first. I greatly believe that my father is the greatest business hero of all.

Have you held a summer job in the past? What did you do with the money you earned? 

Yes, I was a summer counselor for my school's summer camp. I invested all my earnings in equities (stocks) and ETFs. I also did a side-job related to the summer camp and I saved that extra money in a savings and checking account. I also interned at NextGenVest through their high school Business Development & Marketing internship, working with students from Hong Kong, Ohio, and Sacramento.

What are three things you think every senior in high school should know before going to college?

  1. How to create a budget
  2. The importance of paying bills on time
  3. Basic investing and savings

What is your favorite aspect of being a NextGenVest Ambassador?

My favorite aspect of being a NextGenVest Ambassador is it allows me to be involved in a company that has an important mission to educate young adults on personal finance. We all know that managing our money is important, yet most schools do not even require the proper education for it! How can we prepare my generation to be successful if they do not even know the difference between a credit and debit card? Our world runs on money, and if you cannot manage your money, then you _will _be stripped of so many amazing opportunities. NextGenVest is like my model start-up, as it deals with a real problem to better our world.

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