9 Fun (CHEAP!) Date Ideas To Try Today

By Maureen DeGregorio, Bishop Kearney

“The perfect date for me would be staying at home, making a big picnic in bed, eating Wotsits and cookies while watching cable TV." -Kim Kardashian

Dating has become a very important factor in our lives, especially in social aspects. We no longer wait to be a certain age before we begin dating, but instead, we get ourselves into relationships as our feelings, or peer pressure, begin to influence us. With that being said, we know how dating can now include all those from pre-teens to adults. Sure, we want to spoil our girlfriend/boyfriend, but do we have the money to consistently do this?

Here are a few ideas that may help you save a few dollars but still have a great time dating, regardless of your age!


Plan a picnic at a nice scenic area where you two can establish a romantic setting as you occupy yourselves in conversations, learning about each other and becoming a bit closer!

Nextflix it Up!

Binge watch Netflix! Have each other suggest which shows and/or movies would be worth watching and put one on! Make some popcorn or other snacks, take a seat on the couch together, and enjoy the shows/movies.

Cook Together!

If at least one of you is good at cooking, don’t waste money on takeout food! Journey into the kitchen and whip up a meal! You can even teach each other how to prepare the meals. This helps you two to bond while having some fun at the same time, and you’ll hopefully be able to eat what you two made!

Or, Bake!

Don’t want to cook and would rather opt to bake something together? Go for it! Bake cookies, cake, and brownies rather than spending money in a restaurant; baking at home is at least half the price! Taylor Swift has her own cookie recipes if you want to try those, too!


And, Some AwesomeWinter Date Ideas!

Ice Skate!

If possible, go to a nearby rink and ice skate! This can be a cliché scene where the girl holds on desperately to the boy’s arm, but this can also be fun and help you get to know each other a bit more! If the both of you know how to skate, this can be really fun, and you two may even engage in a friendly competition of who’s better … If you live in New York, check out these two rinks:

Aviator Sports and Events Center on Flatbush Avenue where there is a public ice rink for skaters! Admission fees for adults are $11 while the children’s fees are $9; the skate rentals cost $5 per pair. 

Lasker Rink in Central Park is always a good tourist attraction with reasonable rates. Admission for adults cost $7.50, youths cost $4.00, and seniors cost $2.25. Skate rentals are $6.50 while lock rentals cost $7.25.


It's a Christmas Light Party Everywhere!

Drive around your neighborhood to see the various lights and decorations during the winter holidays! Walking around the neighborhood doesn’t cost you a thing, except if you want to stop by a local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for some hot beverages!


White Holidays, Anyone?

If there’s fresh snow outside, head outside and play in the snow! Don’t be shy! Engage your girlfriend/boyfriend in a snowball fight or make snow angels and snowmen together. The friendly atmosphere will encourage a few good laughs as you two goof off and let your walls down as you act like children again. When you’re done, return inside and warm up some hot chocolate for the both of you and maybe even cuddle on the couch to watch a movie while you two warm up!


Don't Froget Group Date Ideas!

Game Stations Aren't Only for Kids!

For group dates, don’t be embarrassed to break out the Wii or Xbox! Invite other friends and couples over before dividing yourselves into teams. Break out the snacks and beverages, providing a lax environment for all to feel comfortable and ready to compete! Why go to an arcade when you can play the Wii or Xbox at home for free and play an unlimited number oftimes?

Board Games are Back In!

If you’re not into the electronics and would rather play a classic game, such as cards or a board game, do it! You can play by yourselves or invite other friends and couples over; you can divide yourselves into teams, either by couples or by gender! Have fun with it!