8 Things I learned on My College Tour of UTSA

By: Daniel Gomez

After my tour of UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) I learned many things that I didn’t know about college and wouldn’t have ever thought about if I had not gone.


Money by far is an obvious in college considering it costs thousands to get into college. But, at UTSA I discovered something that I wouldn’t have ever thought was actually a thing. Test sheets that you have to buy. While there I learned that at the Student Store you can purchase testing sheets which are the standard testing document sheet for many of the classes. Without them the teachers won’t allow you to, or accept any of their tests if not done on that sheet.


There's always been the fabled myths of the food in college and the variety. It wasn’t till I arrived at UTSA and ate there that I learned just how diverse the food was. So much in fact that it was overwhelming, they had food in every aspect that you could want. sweet, savory, spicy, Spanish dishes, the classic american dishes, and so much more!


Jobs aren’t essential but they’re nice to have In college. giving you some extra cash so you can pay for goods on your own and not have to beg Mom and Dad to refill your accounts. Many parts of the college actually offer jobs to those who want them. the gold mine of these jobs is the library there you’re able to study while you work and get paid for it!


The stereotype of college classes is that they’re huge. Though that may be true for few that isn’t always the case. In some cases classes can be as large as the ones you took in high school English. not the 300 plus students most imagine classes to be though they can reach 300+ students for some.


The most frequently asked question asked on the tour was “will I have time to study”? to which the tour guide responded with an astounding “yes!” In many cases students have classes 3-4 times a week leaving them a good couple days to study or work on homework. also for many students they take care of some of their classes in high school reducing the number of classes they have to take giving them more time for outside activities.


For many first years at college Dorm living is kinda a right of passage. Though many would prefer to live away from school in a swanky apartment/condominium though Dorm living is far more affordable. Though it may seem cool to live in an apartment or condo, if anything were to happen like a leaky faucet, or damages to the wall its on you to repair. While in college dorms many times they have someone on staff to fix the problems since dorms are considered college property.


Getting from your apartment or dorm can be a hassle in college Cars take up space and can cost a lot. Bikes though compact aren’t speedy, in UTSA they offer a shuttle service that will come by a spot and all you have to do is pay and you’re on your way! They offer continuous service to and from classes for ease of travel. Though this is the case for UTSA, many other colleges offer services similar to UTSA’s


There's always those few times in college where you don’t feel that safe. Maybe you’re leaving a late night class or had to do a late run to grab something left behind. In colleges there’s a hotline service you can call and the campus police will come and escort you to your dorm or car personally and won’t leave your side till they ensure you’re gone and safe. This sounded like a real benefit for college since there are many classes that occur at night. Though not all colleges are the same many have similar aspects to ensure that no matter what your experience with them is safe.