6 Simple Ways to Plan for College Early

While many people are graduating from high school and going on to college right after. It can get scary, but don’t fret. Here are some simple ways to plan for college.

Step 1: When applying for college there is always an option of undecided/undeclared major.

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If you don't know what you want to major in you can always choose that option. Later in college you can find out what you want to major in. No need to stress about what you what to major in, eventually you will know.

Step 2: Make sure to sign up for FAFSA and state grants.

It comes every year and make sure to know your deadlines. Cal grant varies in how much free money you will get, and it's only for students going to school in California. Other states have their own in state grant programs, like New York State TAP or the Texas TAFSA. If you have siblings attending to college your chances of free money will likely go up.

Step 3: Take an SAT or ACT test.

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There are many videos and many resources to help with your test like Khan Academy. There's a free PSAT in your school where you can take a practice SAT. When you score high on your SAT or ACT test you may be eligible to be exempt from taking the ELM/EPT test. You also don’t have to take the extra math and english courses.

Step 4: Apply for scholarships.

There are many scholarship websites like fastweb.com, niche.com, search over in google and you will find many resources. You can start early on applying scholarships. Some scholarships don't require you to be a senior in high school.

Step 5: Make sure to take all the recommended courses to graduate and also to maintain your GPA.

alt text You can also takes some AP classes which will help you out in college. When you take the AP exam and score 3 or above, it will help you cover some of your college classes. It saves time and money.

Step 6: Budget.

Compare colleges prices. Not all colleges have the same tuition fees. Consider comparing different college tuition fees, your daily necessities, know where to buy the cheapest textbooks. There is an budget calculator online to calculate your expenses, loans, and how much you need to save and your leftover money. Be sure to check that out.