5 Ways To Save Money Through The Sharing Economy (2 min read)

By Elly Gluschke - NextGenVest Club President - Colorado

Sharing is caring–it can even be profitable.  Check out these websites that could help you make or save money!  The sharing economy - an economic system stemming from the sharing of human, physical, and material resources - is reliant upon hundreds of services from which both clients and owners can fulfill tasks and needs through a symbiotic relationship. Below is a list of the top 5 most beneficial and impactful services available in the sharing economy.


The ultimate example and service of a sharing economy; Streetbank connects you with people near-by who can offer any service, rental, repair, car, skill, or even just a household item. With a goal of building a sense of community through lending, Streetbank is currently serving 53,782 neighbors sharing 53,867 things, according to their website. No matter what you’re looking for, Streetbank enables communities to support one another and get the job done.


Airbnb, established in 2008 and based in San Francisco, holds an array of unique accommodations for your next vacation. Rather than stay in a crowded, overpriced, or undesirable hotel room for your next trip, Airbnb offers a community marketplace for those looking to stay or list houses, spare rooms, or apartments around the world.Similar to any top travel planning site, their website allows you to set a destination, arrival and departure date, price range, preferable accommodations, and any other preferences such as a pool, kitchen, or pet friendly zone.  Press enter and dozens of listings appear all with-in your designated specifications. Whether you’re looking to rent or enlist an unused space, Airbnb provides a global marketplace for those traveling or simply wanting to augment their income.


TaskRabbit connects you with qualified locals to outsource even the smallest of errands. Both available online and through the TaskRabbit app, check to see if a neighbor or fellow community member can pick up what you need from the store or provide any other small task such as cleaning, making a repair, help moving, etc., while you can kick back, relax, and focus your time and energy on more pressing priorities.


Rather than running to the nearest Rent-A-Car office, look to RelayRides to find the perfect wheels in any city. Established in the US, RelayRides offers a nationwide selection of the newest and most reliable automobiles throughout every state. If you’re on vacation or simply need a ride out of town, search the RelayRides app or website to find cars in your area. On the contrary, if you own a car that is currently unused, you can register your vehicle on RelayRides.com. Although efficient and useful, RelayRides, as well as other similar services, create an eco-friendly alternative to sharing vehicles nationwide.


Chegg is the ultimate website for students looking to buy or sell used books, improve grades through online tutors and homework help. Based in Santa Clara, California, Chegg is a great resource for both high school and college students. Whether you’re struggling with English, history, math, science, or a foreign language, hundreds of well-qualified college students and professors are easily accessible and only a mouse-click away. Through my personal experiences with Chegg, tutors clearly explained questions and problems I faced in Honors Chemistry, resulting in a clear and in-depth understanding of the material.

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