5 Ways to Save Money on Food at Paly

By Andrew Shieh - Palo Alto High School

With the school year in full swing and hungry students everywhere, saving money on food is always a great idea. Below are some tips to save all your precious cash (and still eat food).

Buy food at the Student Center: $5

While the food may not be from a Michelin 3-star restaurant, Paly’s cafeteria food is still great to have and an easy way to save money. At around $4-5, you get nutritious food and a drink that will keep you powered through the day.

Reduce trips to Town and Country

Going to school next to a shopping center full of delicious foods is tempting, but don’t let that draw you in too much. The meals are often expensive and will leave a hole in your pocket and piggy bank.

Well Okay, Just Look for Discounts: $3

When you do decide to go to Town and Country for lunch, make sure to look for restaurants with special student discounts. These places often offer special meals for a discounted price of up to $3, but just remember, they still end up costing a lot of money.

Buy a Salad at Trader Joe’s: $4

When you just need a quick and healthy lunch, just look across the street to Trader Joe’s. It’s cheaper than your other alternatives at only $4, and it’s a great on the go snack when you’re feeling hungry at brunch. Also, you might want to make a quick detour to the sample corner in the back.

Bring Your Own Food: Free

It sounds lame, but the best way is definitely save your money. Palo Alto is an expensive place, and the food options are no exception. A quick sandwich is cheap and easy meal to prepare, and will make sure you have enough money at the end of the year for you to go party with your friends.

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