5 ways to eat on the cheap at Bowdoin

By Jessica Gluck - Bowdoin College

Budget your Polar Points

Many Bowdoin students say that by mid semester, they spend all of their Polar Points because they aren’t keeping track of their spending. Budgeting your Polar Points throughout the semester is a great way to save money on food on campus. Simply divide your Polar Points by the number of weeks in the semester to determine how many points you can spend per week (hint: there are 17 weeks in the spring semester).

By the end of the semester when you are craving snacks or need a break during finals week you will thank yourself!

Savings on Sundays

Go to Wild Oats on Sundays! If you show your student I.D. at the cashier, you will get 10 percent off of your purchase!

Snack Attack Steals

Get creative in the dining hall! If you look carefully, there are all the ingredients for trail mix and other kinds of snacks in the dining hall. You can use the to-go cups in the dining hall and bring the snacks back to your dorm and avoid spending extra money on snacks at the C-store or Hannafords.

On the weekends, take advantage of Super Snacks rather than ordering Domino’s! A visit to Super Snacks will use a meal swipe instead of your own money and will give you more variety in terms of food options. Super Snacks closes at 1am but try to get there before 12:45am to avoid the last minute rush. If you do choose to order from Domino’s, keep an eye out for their online deals. You can get up to fifty percent off your delivery if you get the right coupon.

Cheap Eats

If you do decide to splurge on a night out, try to go to the restaurants that offer large entrée portions for a good deal. Bangkok Garden’s Pad Thai noodles will be enough to feed yourself for dinner two days in a row and you will spend between ten and eleven dollars on a very large portion. Little Tokyo also has good deals on their noodles. For about twelve dollars you get a large portion of noodles, soup, and a salad. Another campus favorite, with great deals, is Shere Punjab!