5 Ways Every Pingry Student Can Save Money on Breakfast

By Siyu Cao - The Pingry School

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nonetheless, most students skip this meal due to lack of convenience and time (when you save yourself 15 minutes to get up, get dressed, and get to school it’s a little bit hard…). As a result, they spend a ridiculous amount of money on prepared food and drinks. Students can save money on their breakfast by following these five simple tips:

Fruit Over Ham, Egg, & Cheese

Two things here. Fruit is much healthier for you than a ham, egg, and cheese. Plus you can get a few pieces of fruit - bananas, grape fruit, cantalope - in the dining hall and keep in your locker (ok, not the cantalope) as opposed to paying for breakfast each day. 

Breakfast in the Car

Your parents most likely pay for groceries at home. Take food from home to have breakfast on your way to school as opposed to stopping to get that Ham, Egg & Cheese or Starbucks. If you bring from home, you will also have 15 minutes more to spare before rushing to class! 

Breakfast Outside, Not at a The Riverwalk

Once you have the ability to go off campus, you will 100% want to take advantage of it. Most students will use this new freedom to go buy food. You can still go off campus to hang out, but bring your breakfast with you! You can get it for free in the dining hall and then head out. 

Tall > Venti

If you downsized your Starbucks order from a Venti to a Tall every day for a week, you would save around $8. That's a free breakfast burrito right there. And you don't even have to give up a caffeine fix. 

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