5 Things to Consider When Choosing A College

Picking a college can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Your college becomes apart of you as a person. You adopt your school’s traditions and holidays as if you’ve celebrated them for your entire life. There is a lot of information that must be taken into consideration when choosing your school, and this should be done carefully.

Campus Location

Choosing a school accompanies how much you like the location. Maybe you’ve never been far away from home and you’re absolutely terrified about leaving your family- this is grounds for you to not move multiple states away and maybe stick with a local school. College is the perfect time for you to embrace your independence, which makes it the perfect opportunity for you to move a couple states away. When choosing a school, you should take these questions into consideration;

Can you handle being far from home?
What kind of weather do you prefer the most?
Can you afford to attend an out of state school?
The campus may be great, but what’s around it?

Campus Life

The term campus life can be pretty loaded. It includes school clubs, organizations, sororities and fraternities, sports, and any other communal activity groups. When choosing a school, you want to be sure to find one that has plenty of organizations that sound appealing to you. The key to making friends in college and enjoying your time there is being an active member of campus society. While deciding what university may be the one for you, ask yourself;

Do you want to be in a sorority or fraternity?
Will you be religiously active?
What kinds of clubs or groups are you looking to join?
Are you hoping to join a sport?

Financial Aid Options

College tuition can be tough to pay for. Most schools offer special scholarships and aid options that are meant to cater to each student’s individual financial needs. Attending a school that you can’t afford is usually not a good idea, unless they can offer you significant financial aid. Different schools can give you different kinds of financial help, so be sure to research things like;

What type of financial aid is available for you?
What will you have to pay for once financial aid comes into play?
Can you attend the school without having to take out any student loans?
How likely is this school to give you financial aid?
Can you realistically attend the school without any aid?

Meal Plans and Dining

We all think about this all the time, it’s always on our minds- food. Studying and attending classes while perhaps juggling a job can make it difficult to actually eat, though. But who wants to miss out on a possibly delicious meal? Most colleges offer their students meal plans, whether they are attached to your tuition or even linked to your debit card. Since we all know how important food truly is, when researching colleges, you should take these questions into consideration;

Does the school offer an affordable meal plan?
Do other students at the school participate in and enjoy the meal plan?
Will a meal plan be required with your tuition?
What does the meal plan entail?
If you don’t choose a meal plan, what are your options?
Are there grocery stores and restaurants nearby?


Going to college means that you may be living on your own for the first time. Or, going to college means moving in with a complete stranger. Either way, you want to be comfortable. Finding your perfect university should involve questions like;

Do you want to live on or off campus?
Does the school require on-campus housing?
Are you comfortable with a roommate?
Do you mind communal bathrooms?
What is the dorm availability for the school?
If you live off-campus, will you have reliable transportation?