5 Study Skills Every Fordham Prep Student Needs to Save Time

By George Vasilakis - Fordham Prep

Studying is a critical part of school. While it can be frustrating, boring, and often the last thing you’d want to be doing, it is the difference between an excellent grade and a decent one. Next time you’re trying to ace an upcoming test, use these tips to help you go from this:

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To This:

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Step One: Plan out your time

The first thing you should do is make a list of what subjects and topics you have to study and how long it should take you. From there, plan out your time and leave some space for occasional breaks to re-focus (more on that later). Planning out your studying time will give you a clear picture of exactly what you need to do, how you will tackle your studying, and it will keep you from forgetting anything.

Step Two: Block out distractions

At first, this may seem obvious. Go to a quiet, comfortable space with plenty of room and few distractions around you. You should also block out digital distractions. It’s incredibly easy to be distracted by online things like games and social media that are infinitely more fun than studying. Try a service like FocusMe, a tool that will block online diversions and keep you on track with your studying.

Step Three: Take Breaks

When you schedule your time, you should account for short breaks every half hour. This keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by all of your work and gets you refreshed for the next block of studying. An example of a great break would be taking a quick walk or jog around your block. I know what you’re thinking; “Studying AND exercise? No thanks!” but scientific studies have proven that nature walks boost your attention levels and have a rejuvenating effect on your brain.

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Step Four: Test Yourself

A great studying technique is to give yourself a practice test in preparation for the real thing (Practice makes perfect). You can sometimes find online practice tests from your textbook maker or by a teacher who put his or her course materials online. Just google ‘subject practice tests’ and you will probably get quite a few helpful results. And if that doesn’t work, you could always make your own.

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Step Five: Get some sleep

While pulling an all-nighter or staying up very late may be attractive by making you feel more accomplished since you studied for a longer time, it’s actually detrimental to your performance in most cases. Being sleep-deprived while taking a test is one of the worst possible things you can do. Get some sleep if you really want to do well and have your studying pay off.

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