5 iOS Apps that Will Improve Your School Productivity

By Muhamed Rahman - NYU College Fellow


Clear is my go-to reminder app on iOS. Not only does it have a clean and smooth user interface, it also provides clear and easy to pick up instructions to use the app. It can arrange topics in terms of “intensity”, the colors scale from red to yellow depending on how high you put the item on the list. In addition, one swipe down will create a new list or new to do item while one swipe to the left will cross that item off your list. Throw in iCloud synchronization and you have a solid to-do app for small price tag of $3.00.


What happens when you take beauty, group work, and productivity together? You get Wunderlist. This free iOS app is similar to Clear in that it is a to-do app, but it allows you to stay connected with your peers, whether it’s through Google+ or Facebook. One touch on an item will give you access to set due dates, reminders, subtasks, notes, and even picture attachment. I currently use to communicate to peers that I do group work (such as website development) with.


Need a note taking solution for iOS? Look no further than Evernote for iOS. The free version provides all the tools one would need for effortless note taking with easy cloud synchronization. Features that I personally use at home include the post it note and document camera, which are able to bypass iOS’s lack of file access by allowing me to take pictures of post-it notes and any notebooks I have (optimized for everlane for moleskine notebooks and post-it branded notes, but still work fine on other notebooks). Having all my necessary work in one digital space can alleviate a lot of stress while doing multiple things at the same time.


With growing wifi networks and increasing internet access, cloud services make more and more sense for everyday data storage. Although there are many alternatives such as OneDrive and Box, none of them do storage quite like dropbox. Quick file syncing allows me to move for device to device almost instantly. When I use it on my desktop, I can sync files that show up on my iPad, my Nexus 4, the web application and my other devices usually all within 5 seconds of syncing. This allows me to show my teachers assignments that I would otherwise not have had, or I can sign in right on the dropbox website and print the assignment from anywhere.

Tiny Scan for iOS

This app is perfect for quick scanning when you don’t have access to a scanner, or you don’t want to simply take a picture. No, it does not replace a scanner, but it does a great job providing a quick and easy to use solution when trying to send printed documents through email on your device. One button will give you access to your camera, which is then processed in grayscale, color, or black and white.

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