5 Halloween Costumes That Won’t Break the Bank

By Regina Yoo - Bergen High School

Every year there comes a day when nearly everyone dresses up in a costume. And every year, you wish that you had done more than an orange and black shirt from middle school. But there’s only so much a $20 bill can do. Here’s a few costumes you can get for under $20!

Have a partner in crime? Well you and your partner can transform into the black and white llamas that escaped in Arizona! Have on person wear all black and the other wear all white. Most likely, majority of the students will already have black or white ensembles so the horns are the only things you have to spend money on. Either you can buy an actual horn at Party City for a little over $10 or spend less and DIY-it at home!

If you’re going solo this year, no worries! Wear the same white ensemble (that you don’t mind getting stained) and wrap toilet paper all around your body. Lastly, spray some red paint to make your mummy costume realistic.

For any athletes, finding a costume can be as simple as reaching into your sports bag! Wear your (preferably clean) uniform but spice it up with body paint and school spirit gadgets. Want to feel dare we say, majestic?? Wrap a white bed sheet, tie a rope at the waist and prepare wow everyone. Being comfortable all day and night will be a huge plus.

Enjoy painting? Take that hobby and use it to remodel your face! With either face paint or makeup, you can turn yourself into a skeleton, deer and pretty much anything you can imagine. Search up youtube for great tutorials on how to replicate your desired character.

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