5 Clubs That Exhibit Regis’s Philosophy

By Jimmy O'Brien - Regis High School

For an ambitious underclassman at Regis, picking what clubs to get involved in can be stressful.  With a group for almost every interest, picking the right one to invest potentially hundreds of hours into is a decision that should not be taken lightly. However, there are many clubs at Regis that not only exemplify what it means to be a man for others, but also help nurture invaluable skills that you will take with you to college. Here are a few of those clubs:



One of the largest clubs in the school, Catalyst organizes service projects aimed at benefitting the marginalized groups of society. The scope of Catalyst’s projects vary tremendously; you can find members across the river at Randall’s Island volunteering at the Special Olympics, as well as across the world providing aid and spiritual guidance to students at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School in Kibera, Kenya. With almost a dozen committees within the club, there are endless opportunities for leadership positions for those who demonstrate dedication to the Ignatian mission

Student Government

Student Government has become a very legitimate influence in the school following a new constitution implemented two years ago. The club is now comprised of a much larger group of elected students, collectively responsible for Regis Dances, the Bear Mountain Kan Jam tournament, and many other events. This is a great choice for underclassmen looking to show their leadership skills early on and be trusted with handling serious projects.


Regis’s Speech and Debate program, named after former moderator Father Hearn, S.J., is a national powerhouse that performs exceptionally well year after year at elite tournaments.  For freshmen unfamiliar with Hearn, these guys are not simply the kids who have to leave Bear Mountain day early to go to Yale. Hearn gives those with excellent rhetoric, creativity, and intellect the opportunity to showcase their talents against other schools.  Hearn members can enter a wide variety of competitions within the two main Debate and Speech categories, ranging from debating foreign policy to reciting a passionate speech to a panel of judges.  With almost half of the school involved, Hearn definitely appeals to many bright young men at Regis.

Regis Repertory

Aside from being the only club at Regis to interact with girls on a daily basis, the Rep is a great place for students interested in theater, comedy, and music.  This group of talented performers is already beginning rehearsals for their upcoming show under the new direction of Mr. Peterson. Even if performing is not your cup of tea, there is always a need for stage crew workers to keep things running smoothly on the logistical end.

NextGenVest Regis Chapter

A new club this year, this is for students interested in Business and Finance. NextGenVest.com is a social enterprise start-up based in New York City that serves as the Money Mentor for every student providing 2 minute money video courses, an on-demand Q&A text line at 646-798-1745, and leadership conferences. NextGenVest Chapters are led by students around the world and each maintains their own website on NextGenVest.com with business, finance, and entrepreneurship articles.

Flag Football, Dodgeball, and Floor Hockey

Last but not least, the casual sports clubs at Regis. These groups provide a balance of competition and welcomeness that attracts many Regians who are not looking for a varsity level commitment.  In some cases, such as flag football, these clubs will draft teams in the fall and culminate their season with a playoff tournament in the spring.  Overall, these clubs provide competition, team comradery, and a great stress reliever before you begin your academic day.

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