5 back to school tips for Columbia students

By Amanda Price - Columbia University

As we look forward to the start of another semester at Columbia, many people are beginning to ease themselves back into a life of hectic schedules, roommates & suite mates, and of course life in Manhattan. Here are a few tips to make the first few weeks a bit easier (while saving money, obviously.)

Dine at Dig Inn

They were already on College Walk last Sunday handing out free food as well as free meal cards, but for those who still might not know, Dig Inn is a quick and healthy option for those wanting a change of pace from the Ferris pasta line. For as little as $5.50, you can get a full plate of food consisting of an entre portion and two sides. Incase anyone missed the giveaways, they will be back on campus on Saturday the 5th. 

#### **Books**  **Though the campus bookstore is usually the most convenient option, there are a few other methods for making sure you get that stack of Lit Hum books. Incase you can’t find a set from upperclassmen posting on Facebook, head to Book Culture on 112 between Broadway and Amsterdam to find used books in almost new condition, or heavily annotated if you prefer that. The upside is that you can sell back those books at the end of the semester and get a credit toward your books for next semester. Buying or renting from Amazon is another good option, but beware of the freakishly long lines at the package center.**

Head up north…

* In the event that you’ve tired of the string of restaurants on Broadway, head on up to 125th and Broadway to try Jin Ramen. One of my personal favorites, Jin offers delicious and filling meals that are surprisingly inexpensive, as well as delicious ice cream flavors.*


…and then down South

When you run out of the snacks you brought from home or want to stock up on some fruits and veggies, try shopping at Trader Joe’s on 72nd street. It is much more affordable compared to the smaller markets that are closer to campus; $20 can really go a long way here! If you can make it during the week even better because the lines tend to be long on the weekend.


Check out Lionshare

 If you’re looking to have a little extra cash on hand, log into Lionshare to see if there may be any opportunities for you. Known mainly for having internship postings, you can apply filters to see posts of people looking for babysitters, tutors, or office assistants.


With that, we hope you get off to the school year with a running start. Thinking about ways to save and make money now, as well as explore new places will ensure that you have an exciting and rewarding semester!