4 Websites to Feign Adulthood as a Freshman in College

By Ellie Cornell - Columbia University

*Getting to college is hard enough, but starting to become a real adult? That's a lot to ask. Below are my key tricks to help you fake it, until you make it as a college student on a budget. *

Get Informed

*After eavesdropping on one too many sophisticated conversations about politics and the ethical debate of the week, you’ll realize that students care about what is going on in the world. Getting adjusted to a college course load doesn’t leave a great deal of time to scour The Times front to back. Solution: The Skimm offers 5 minute reads sent right to your email about the big news stories of the day and what people are talking about. Not only will you sound like one of the big kids, you’ll be a more informed citizen. Want more financial specific news? Sign up for NextGenVest's weekly Vault Guide. *

Get Organized

Nothing will give away your status as a first year like the “freshman flustered face.” Papers scattered everywhere and sleep deprivation obvious in your under-eye bags is not a great image for someone reading from an “Intro to ____” book. College is hard and you may not be used to all the work. My Study Life is a website and app that organizes your schedule, exams, and day to day tasks in a user-friendly interface. I’m a month into college and I still use the 15-minute schedule warnings on my phone to know what class I have.

Get a Routine

There are a plethora of options as it comes to calendars but nothing is as universal as Google Calendars. With most schools using g-mail, you can input events that people send you directly in emails as well as input recurring events like clubs or meetings. This one is not original but it is the best.

Get a Budget

Money goes quick in college, and no, I’m not talking about the quarter of a million dollars that you’ll pay over the four years to attend. Spending money on stuff like coffee, going out, necessities, takes a larger toll on your budget than you might think. With a recent study by YouGov finding that 80% of college students are managing their own spending money, without help from their parents, you have to know how to bank. Mint.com, powered by Intuit, is a safe and easy way to see what is going on in your accounts. It provides you with free credit scores, budget planning, and overviews. If you want help getting educated on money matters and getting discounts, sign up for a NextGenVest.com free account!

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