4 Tips For Starting a Side Project Over Winter Break

By Kim Woonha - Korean Minjok Leadership Academy - NextGenVest Content Director - Seoul, South Korea

Make your best ideas come alive this winter break.This winter break, don't just sit in your pajamas watching Netflix. Take advantage of the time off and finally get started on that great idea you have.

1. Make It Real

If you want to pursue a side project, first draft out a plan with a clear vision.

While the term ‘blueprint’ seems to imply creating a sophisticated model, it need not be a huge goal like solving world hunger. It can be as personal as your own blog or as entrepreneurial as building a small business.

Take the idea you’ve always wanted to try and write it down. No matter if it is small or grand, make a concrete target and keep your eyes on it.

2. Do What You Want

Since initiating a side project means adding more work to your already existing responsibilities, it may stress you out.

To mitigate this stress factor, start a side project that is all about what you love.

PewDiePie, a Youtube star with 30 million subscribers around the world, gained popularity simply by uploading game play through videos. Now, he is making a living through his channel. Do what you love and you will likely find success.

3. Start Small

After you have decided on what project you can’t help but pursue, break it down into smaller pieces.

Maybe you need to research and put together a list of inspiration websites by a certain date, or want to create a mock product in time for a fair. Small steps like this will make it that much easier to move forward toward your ultimate goal.

Start with easy-to-tackle goals so you’re never biting off more than you can chew and continue in that way. In the process, you will come closer to your final objective while never losing track of your larger responsibilities.

4. Stay Positive

Those around you might say your project is bound to fail or may not have a vision as big as yours, but don't allow failures or setbacks in the process to discourage you.

If you trust in yourself and your idea, keep working at it. Creating something on the side is a fun experiment and, if it doesn't turn out as planned, just allows for more creativity. You can always start working on something else with the useful knowledge you gained or approach your original idea from a new angle.

Remember, Facebook was originally built as a side project only open to Harvard students. Now it is one of the most influential businesses in the world and supports 1.3 billion global users. 

Stay positive and don’t be afraid of unforeseen changes in direction and you will be able to build something to be proud of.

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