4 Things I Learned By Touring Georgetown University

On March 17th, I stepped foot onto Georgetown University’s campus in Washington, DC. It was chilly and wet out, but an exciting day nonetheless. The campus was filled with chatting students, all looking genuinely happy. As I entered the admissions office, I immediately felt at home. Below are 4 things I learned while touring and exploring the campus.

Spirituality is Super Important

Georgetown University was founded on Jesuit and Catholic values. Jesuit values include; having the willingness to strive for excellence, the importance of sharing gifts, caring for your individuality, developing and integrating yourself entirely, and reflecting critical and responsible thoughts and actions on moral and ethical issues. Though all students are required to take at least one Jesuit-related course, you’re still completely free to explore your individual spirituality! The campus is home to over 10 different ministries, including Hinduism and Judaism. For each campus-based ministry, there is it’s own chaplain. Students are free to explore other religions or to further their knowledge on already existing faiths while attending Georgetown University.

Cherry Blossom Season is a Big Deal

Starting the first week of March, Cherry Blossoms were beginning to bloom in DC. People come from all over the world to witness them! Students often visit the Martin Luther King and Jefferson Memorials to watch the sunrise above the blossoms. While it can be a lengthy walk, attendees of Georgetown University generally recommend that you make the trek in order to avoid sitting in traffic all day. The Tidal Basin is said to be the best spot to visit during Cherry Blossom season, but other awesome views include; the National Arboretum, Anacostia Park, and Stanton Park in Capitol Hill.

Your Dorm is Your Sanctuary

Yes, your dorm may never compare to your bedroom back home with your parents, but for quite some time, it will become your sanctuary. Dorm-livers place a lot of emphasis on learning organizational skills and coming prepared with ample storage. A cool way to house your large wardrobe and save space is by raising your bed up a couple notches and sliding a few storage drawers beneath it. Now you have access to your favorite denim skirt without the clutter! Invest in a nice speaker. Music is the best on good days, bad days, rainy days, and lazy days. When you need to jam, and your roommate doesn’t mind, you’ll be thankful that you brought a speaker!

Tombs Trivia is a Must

A student favorite is Tombs Trivia. Located on 36th street, the local grub-in often houses Hoyas. Students crowd into this restaurant to watch school games, share a Sunday brunch, or to attend trivia nights. If you ask anyone, Tombs Trivia is a tradition!

Overall, visiting Georgetown University was an enlightening and exciting experience. Besides being such an academically inclined school, Georgetown proved to have an unbelievably pleasing campus life. Not only were the students happy and friendly, but they seemed to be exactly where they belonged.