4 News Apps Every Student Needs

By Billy Schroeder - Delbarton - New Jersey

In a time where pretty much everything seems to be going digital, reading the news is easier than ever. The problem most high school students have is a “lack of time”. With some of the new apps that have been released, this is a nonissue. Reading the news is not only easier than ever, but also more efficient takes very little time. Here are 5 easy ways you can get caught up on current events without spending too much time.

1. New York Times Now

NYT Now is an app created by the New York Times, especially created for people who don’t have the time nor enthusiasm to read an entire newspaper, but still want to be up-to-date on the news. This app’s homepage consists of all the new stories from the New York Times, and none of the articles are long, except for the in-depth investigative articles on the weekends. Based on your notification preferences, this app sends an alert to either a morning briefing, afternoon briefing, or evening briefing on weekdays, which give you basic bullet points on the day’s news. NYT Now is a great app for high-schoolers looking for a quick read.

2. CNN App

The CNN app is worth the download, for sure. CNN is the best in the industry at breaking news services. With the CNN app, you will get a few alerts a day, sometimes many or sometimes none at all, depending on the day, on national breaking news stories. These are the most important stories to be knowledgeable about and CNN rudimentarily guides you through these stories and what the common person should know about the issues. Also, the CNN Breaking News Twitter account is a must-follow if you are on Twitter, giving you the news you need, when you need it.

3. Yahoo News Digest

The Yahoo News Digest App is another great app to have accessible on a daily basis. Similar to NYT. Now, the Yahoo News Digest sends a morning and/or evening briefing at whatever time you want. These briefings consist of around 8 stories per briefing, and go through each of the important sections of the news: National, World, Financial, Sports, Entertainment, etc. Once you are done with the initial package of news stories, this app offers around 15 “extra” news stories to read, if you have time. Overall, a great app!

4. The Onion 

When you go theonion.com, the first thing you see is “America’s Finest News Source”. This could be very misleading, especially if you are unfamiliar with the website. The Onion is perhaps the country’s most famous satirical news website. This is not an educational news source that you should be reading daily. However, it has many hilarious articles, and, in a life of the high school student filled with homework, tests, and long days, a few laughs may be the perfect medicine to get you through a long week.

5. Your Local News Station 

It is very important to stay up-to-date on national issues, world issues, and financial news. However, many students do not even know what is happening right around them. It is essential to be informed on local issues, and it’s easy too. Many communities have an abundance of news stations for the nearest city, or even town in some scenarios, and simply watching the half-hour evening news or downloading the appropriate app is an effortless way to stay knowledgeable. Try searching for the top station in your area! 

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