4 Morning Habits of Successful Andover Students

By Eric Wu - Andover

You can’t expect to ace all your classes unless you consistently start your day off right. Here are five essential morning habits that will ensure a productive day.

Establish a Sleep Routine: Try Sleepio or SleepCycle

To maximize your productivity, you have to get into a consistent and healthy sleep cycle. This means going to bed at a reasonable hour (Note: Not 2AM) while also getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. It might be tough with sports, academics, and clubs activities, but it becomes a lot easier if you remove distractions like Facebook or Snapchat from eating up unnecessary time. Try putting your phone across the room at least 30 minutes before bed.

Read the News: Try TheSkimm and The NextGenVest Vault Guide

Most successful students understand the importance of keeping up to date with what’s happening in the world. The problem is, where do they find the time? For a general quick overview of world events, try TheSkimm (everyday email at 6AM). For key money and financial news to help you sound smart in Econ class, try NextGenVest’s Vault Guide (once a week email summary).

Have a Well-Balanced Breakfast: Try MyFitnessPal

Students who have a strong and consistent morning routine, always make it to breakfast. You get the energy you need, but also the mental prep time to get ready for the day as opposed to rolling out of bed. To make sure you’re getting enough calories and staying healthy try MyFitnessPal.

Plan Your Day: Try Trello

To stay organized, it is helpful to plan out your day before it even starts while you’re up and at breakfast. There are tons of ways to organize all of your assignments and school calendar, but Trello allows you to see it visually in a helpful display. Update trello every morning and you will get the satisfaction of checking off your To Do list like a pro.