4 Money Tips from a Bergen High School Senior

By Michael Vertleyb - Bergen High School

Most times when it comes to money, you don't know what you don't know. You learn by trial and error because these things aren't taught in a relatable way. Well that's why NextGenVest.com exists and why you need to read the below tips! 

How to Save on Lunch

Cafeteria food is super expensive. You can run up a $10 lunch bill - thats $50 a month. Think about what you could buy (or invest!) in if you weren't spending money on crappy lunch food. Bring from home instead, you will save tons of money.

You Can't Spend What You Can't See 

Don’t bring your wallet to school, bring only your ID and a few dollars. You’ll end up spending all of your money on the random candy sellers in the hallway. If you don't have money at your fingertips, its easier not to feel like you have to spend it, trust me. 

Take Advantage of Fundraising

Fundraising for clubs is easy at BCA! Get involved with different clubs and organize bake sales, car washes, sporting events, etc. Students and teachers are always looking for ways to help and have fun! For example, NextGenVest.com/Bergen provides every club that is started with free Chipotle - that's a $8 burrito saving just for showing up. 

Back to School Supplies are Overrated

Re-use school supplies every year. Unless you had a major stress freakout one week, a year won’t ruin your binders. Use them again next year, as well as pencils, pens, and folders. 

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