4 Money Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind

By Anica Song - International School of Beijing

China underwent a fascinating development stage through the Cultural Revolution for a decade from 1966. Afterwards, “money” became a term of pivotal significance. Here are three mind-blowing facts about money in China - keep reading!

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The World’s Biggest Mall, Located in China, is 99% Empty

In terms of leasable area, the South China Mall in Guangdong province is the world’s biggest mall, with more than 2,350 stores. The problem, however, is that people of the province don’t have enough spending money to actually pay for things in the mall—most people there are migrant workers struggling to make a living. The largest mall, actually doesn’t make much money.

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71% of People in China Measure Success by the Things they Own

Everyone has different ideas of how the word “success” should be defined, but citizens of China sure have “value of owned items” listed as one of the meanings. Basically, if you own a Lamborghini, two yachts, and t-shirts made entirely of gold (which is all completely unrealistic if you’re a 16-year-old like I am), you would be “more successful” than a person who has a motorcycle, only one yacht and t-shirts from H&M.

Rich people in China Hire Body Doubles to Serve their Prison Sentences.

That’s right, you can buy your way out of crime (which is a crime itself). Sometimes crimes are committed and the criminal cannot be identified, and in those cases, wealthy people of China hire body doubles to stand in court and serve prison sentences. Sure, Chris Janson sang “money can’t buy everything”, but it can sure buy a way out of prison (still, don’t do it)!

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100 Million People in China Live on Less than $1 USD per day

Think you have it bad not being able to buy the new pair of shoes you want? 100 million people living in China can’t even afford a real meal.