4 Common Hobbies that Can be Channeled into Generating Income

By Diana Zarowin, New York University-Stern

It seems easier than ever to spend money while in college and just about everyone is looking to earn some extra! While some students may qualify for part-time work- study jobs and others may find paid research positions on campus, the bulk of students are still out there looking to make money for spending on entertainment and fun.

Check out these four fun ways to generate extra income, while putting your hobbies to great use!


Are you really good at writing? How about Spanish? Maybe even a specialized level of integral calculus! Wherever your academic talents lay, there are likely younger students (either in your college or in a nearby high school) who could use your help. Tutoring is an excellent (and easy!) way to put what you already know, and well at that, to good use. Plus, tutors are able to charge increased prices if they’ve scored well on standardized tests and have the grades to prove their knowledge.


If you’re responsible and love little kids- this is the job for you! Many professors have children and are always looking for trustworthy sitters. In addition, neighboring families to your university would much prefer a college-going young adult to a random sitter when choosing someone to watch their children. Plus, many parents hire sitters for nights out when children are likely asleep. This is the perfect opportunity to get homework done while still fulfilling the task of a responsible caregiver.

Teach a Sport

Many students come to college having just played on their high school basketball/hockey/baseball (you name it!) teams. Since collegiate sports work a bit more seriously than those played in high school, it isn’t as easy to continuing playing. But, there is a convenient way to keep up with your game and help some  youngsters out – giving sports lessons! Many parents will pay top-dollar for their children to get private instruction from young, spirited players, in a host of sports. It’s a win-win all around, since you’ll still have the opportunity to play the sports you love and you’ll also be helping another potential star better their skills.

Work the Desk

Many exercise and yoga studios offer free membership and/or unlimited classes to those employees that work the desk. Further, some studios even pay a small stipend in addition to the free class package. If you’re as in to expensive workout classes as my friends and I are, then this is a great setup to take advantage of. Just think about how much money you’ll save (and, potentially gain, too!) by finding an easy way to channel your hobby into a side gig!