3 Ways to Improve Your Summer Before College

Graduating high school is very exciting but also very intimidating as college season approaches and students try to make the most of their vacation. Summer could give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for a new academic beginning, all the while enjoying the time you have left with your friends from high school. With that said, productivity is the key to a happier vacation and a fresh start to your freshman year of college.


See What Your College Has to Offer During the Summer!

Most colleges and universities grant students with the chance to apply to a summer bridge program (a program offered during the summer that is designed to help prospective students feel more comfortable with their new environment). Summer bridge programs could help you avoid a rough start in college, especially if you feel that you are not academically prepared for a more rigorous education. Applications vary for different schools but it never hurts to start early and apply. Colleges and universities also offer summer visits and school tours, which are always helpful for students that are not familiar with their campus.

Apply to Summer Internships

Summer internships could give you some exciting professional experience and could help you learn more about what your interests truly are. Internships could also help you set a foundation for your college career and build your resume for future opportunities. Experiences outside of the classroom-especially as early on as the summer before you begin college-could provide you with a competitive edge. Potential recruiters are always aware of your accomplishments, especially throughout your four years as an undergraduate. Studies additionally show that internship experiences make for higher grades and a more in-depth understanding of a rigorous environment (which is convenient for those who scared to enter college and are not sure what to expect).

Gather Your Things With Time!

If you’re dorming, planning what to bring to college is most likely a very hectic process. From bed sheets to school supplies, you don’t want to miss anything that you could really need in the future. Instead of buying everything last minute, gradually picking things up throughout your summer is a better option. Gathering your supplies before college season approaches also makes for more inexpensive shopping. It definitely helps to be productive before all the fun begins during the summer!