3 Ways to Ensure You Have a Productive Morning

By Amy Mora - Marymount School - California

We strive for mornings of tranquility, peace, and ease; however, they’re often stressful and chaotic, starting the day off on the wrong foot. Waking up angry and flustered is not something to look forward to and can be easily avoided. Simply breakdown the morning into three easy steps and the break of dawn won’t be dreadful.

Set Your Things Out The Night Before

Make a to-do list for the morning, laying out the specific tasks you have to complete for the day to be a success. Also try to lie out your clothes, supplies, or necessities you will need for the day. You’ll be prepared for the next day and will hit the ground running.

No Snoozing!

Don’t fall into the trap of the snooze button. Yes, you’re tired and you just want five more minutes of sleep. But in reality, five minutes means half an hour. That’s valuable time you could be utilizing. Move your alarm clock away from your bed so that when it wakes you up in the morning, you have to physically get up from bed to turn it off. You’ll force yourself awake and will be ready to go.

Decompress Without Electronics

Lastly, avoid your electronics as much as possible. You might just be reading a few emails or catching up on social media, but you’ll soon find yourself late for your next appointment. So when you wake up, refrain from looking at your electronics and embrace the new day. Your mind can then focus on what’s important, not a quiz that will determine what celebrity you’ll marry based on your zodiac sign, and effectively work.

Make the most out of your mornings and start the day off strong. You’ll be in a better mood and ready to face the day ahead. Keep practicing these habits and it will become a natural rhythm in your schedule!