3 Ways to be Entrepreneurial in Your Everyday Life

By Christine Padula - Parsippany High School - New Jersey

SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star may not have been the only ones enticed by a luxury magazine featuring a pool within a pool and a fish counting bag piles of money. Many people possess a desire to create and sell in order to achieve success and riches, but how can entrepreneurship be applied to your everyday life?  Taking an entrepreneurial outlook, or way of thinking can help you develop this mindset even in daily activities.

Put Your Ideas on Trial

Consider a thought you may have: possibly a new invention, a groundbreaking technique, or even something as ordinary as a new recipe. Don't write your ideas off as useless the moment you discover a hindering factor; they could still be valuable in the long run. Acquire an entrepreneurial outlook to stick with an idea and test it out to see if it is worth pursuing.

Think a new type of flashlight would belong  better on your strand of keys than on your phone? Could adding a sweet spreading such as Nutella to a fruit actually be delicious? Try your innovations, and see where they lead you.

Be Patient

The road to success is not fresh and evenly paved, nor does it have a whopping speed limit of 300 mph. Just as an entrepreneur must be patient in waiting for success at large, you must also see through frustrations to come to a final product. Not every idea will grow at the same pace, but waiting is a key factor in allowing a plot to fully develop.

Sometimes you may forget an idea along the way. Maybe you thought searching newspapers for job opportunities would never be effective, but later you find an offer that didn't appear online. Or perhaps you thought taking notes in English class would be a waste, but later you use them to write an important article. When promoting a new enterprise, it can take patience to see the true beauty of an element in the big picture.

Become a Dart Board

This may strike you as a strange way to be entrepreneurial in your everyday life, but it is actually critically important. Entrepreneurs are take a steep climb to get their business to where they want it to be, and along the way they must take numerous hits--as a dart board would. Be ready to face criticisms and failures; this is all okay as long as you use it as fuel to improve yourself and your creations.

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