3 Tricks to Get More Coffee for Less

By Diana Zarowin - NYU Graduate

I must admit that I am not a coffee-drinker. I am a big fan of a good unsweetened iced green tea or soy Chai (thank you, Starbucks and Think Coffee, respectively!). And, in case you haven’t noticed, your morning mojo purchases can add up and get pretty expensive.

Now, of course, the quickest way to save money on those Starbucks, Dunkin, Blue Bottle Coffee (getting, fancy over here) morning runs is to brew your own drinks at home or cut the caffeine habit entirely. Wait, do any of you even have a coffee machine or Keurig in your dorm room? Since this notion is likely not feasible, desirable, or ever going to happen for anyone reading this, I’ve come up with three ways to save a little bit of dough on your morning mojo.

Order Smaller Sizes, Save $7.50 a week (that’s almost 3 subway rides)

*If the idea of cutting out your morning caffeine intake scares you more than getting around City traffic during the Pope’s visit, then you’re in luck. Try down-sizing your indulgence and ordering a smaller size. Less money, fewer calories, lower sugar intake…and, you still get the same satisfaction and caffeine buzz out of your morning mojo. Switching from a Venti Starbucks to a Tall every day for a week could save you almost 3 subway rides. Think about that.  *

It Pays to Be Social, Download Cups

Whether by way of online searches, Groupon deals, or following your favorite brands on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, there are a myriad of deals and giveaways just waiting to be found online. In fact, some companies are even making entire businesses out of the coffee-saving model. Take the Cups app, for example, which offers prepaid coffee plans for your city’s best cafes. The app allows you to save money on coffee, try many chic new shops and spots, and lets your phone serve as your payment method. Just a few quick clicks of a search button or app purchase, and your savings have begun!

Become a Loyalty or Rewards Member

Many popular morning mojo go-tos, such as Starbucks, Dunkin, ArgoTea and other small coffee locales, offer customer loyalty and rewards programs that save frequent beverage drinkers lots of money in the long run. Whether offering a free drink for every certain number of purchases, savings for purchase points earned, or gifts on your birthday, there’s no downside to joining said programs since they’re absolutely free. Participants don’t lose a thing – the only upside is pure gain!

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