3 Things I Wish I Knew as a Kent Place Freshman

By Anna Moskow - Kent Place

As a junior, its easy to look back on my Freshman year and pick out things I would have done differently. Freshman year is tough, but hopefully these quick tips will help make it easier for you! 

Diversify Your Activities

When signing up for clubs, sports, and other activities, you may already know what you like to participate in.  I’m here to tell you that at 14, you probably haven’t heard of half of the things you will fall in love with one day.  Granted, if you have a paralyzing fear of heights, don’t sign up to try the rock climbing club on your first day of school.  Try to step outside your comfort zone – as cheesy as that sounds, there’s a reason why this phrase is always repeated.  

Trying new things not only lets you gain new experiences, but they also let you try them with people you would have met otherwise.  Meeting new people and participating in new clubs is an integral part of high school, allowing you to become part of the community instead of just observing it.


Speak Up, No One is Judging You

When I was a freshman, I had some pretty revolutionary ideas (at least I thought so at the time).  The problem was I was sometimes the only underclassman in my classes and I wasn’t confident enough in my ideas to say them out loud.  Even in a group of my fellow classmates, it was restricting because I let myself be paralyzed in fear of judgement.

The truth is, you can’t let yourself be held back just because of what someone might think. Now that I’m a Junior, I’d like all of the underclassmen to know that I love to hear their thought processes and often impressive with their unique ideas.


Manage Your Time

As an ambitious freshman would, I wanted to (and tried to) take on every activity possible to prove to the world, and my upperclassmen, that I was ready to take on responsibility and could seamlessly fit in.  Warning: this is impossible.


To take on more than 6 activities means you will have low participation in each.  Even if you try to put in as much effort as you can into each one, you will burn out mentally and physically and your experience won’t be worth it if you collapse after two weeks.  Remember to focus on the activities that you actually enjoy so that you can learn about them more in depth.

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