3 Reasons to Get Started On College Applications in the Summer

College applications can be rigorous and very lengthy, which is why beginning early is the key to perfecting those applications. Whether it is completing 3 writing supplements or simply answering questions about you and your family, the deadlines for these tasks will pass a lot faster than some may realize. Beginning in the summer is the best way of making sure your procrastination doesn’t get the best of you--and any application that could risk future opportunities. Here are some reasons why you should get started on your college applications during the summer before your senior year.


You Have More Time to Perfect Your Writing!

When applying to college, it is important to remember just how important writing supplements are to your application. Most colleges approach your applications holistically, meaning that every aspect of your academic career and what you choose to put on your application is equally important for your admissions decision. Writing supplements are an opportunity to express what the admissions counselors may not see from the rest of your application. These supplements can be based on your hidden passions, your family, or your personal struggles, but they should open a window into who you really are. Starting in the summer will give you the chance to perfect your writing in the way that you wish to, and could allow for more drafts and chances to edit.


Deadlines are Crucial!

As a senior, you’ll most likely have too many things on your plate to juggle all at once--including of course, college applications. These applications are composed of many parts: writing supplements, profile questions, letters of recommendations, financial aid applications, and more! Once senior year begins, deadlines roll in and you’re faced with tons of responsibilities and no time for procrastination. It’s definitely scary, but mostly exhilarating. That is why summer is so important, as more time gives you a head-start to win over those deadlines.

Letters of Recommendations are Best Early

Letters of recommendation should always be asked for with time because they are extremely important for your college applications. I would very much recommend for you to ask for your letter of recommendations at the end of junior year or through the summer because doing so gives your teacher (or the person you are asking) more time to complete it. Your recommenders are probably very busy throughout the school year, so they'll write more meaningful and thoughtful letters of recommendation if they get started over the summer. It is also convenient to have your letters before more students request theirs from the same person to avoid getting lost in the mix with the other students.