3 Money Tips from Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal Speakers

By The NextGenVest Team

On April 25th, students from Ohio to Boston to South Korea attended the NextGenVest Global Summit & Competition in New York City.This marked the 2nd Summit of NextGenVest's Global Summit Series - Fund My Passion. In these Summits, students collaborate with industry leaders and compete in product development challenges to make financial literacy more accessible for students. 3 key take aways below!

1) Ask for Help! 

Miriam Gottfried of the Wall Street Journal relayed her experiences filing her taxes by herself and overpaying. She noted that students should ask for help and do research when taking on something as complex as filing your taxes for the first time! 

2) Invest in What You Understand

Alex Konrad of Forbes noted that he had make some risky investments in college. His main takeaway: If you are going to commit your hard earned money to something or towards someone's idea, make sure you do all the research to appropriately assess the risk. 

3) Student Loans Have a Big Impact on Your Quality of Life

Max Abelson of Bloomberg relayed stories about how student loans after college can affect anything from your health to your ability to take risks in different career choices. His advice, make sure you understand how student loans actually work and how they will affect your options later on in life. 

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