3 Key Steps To Organizing Your Financial Aid Applications

By Diamante Ortiz - Temple University

Senior Year is one of the most important and crucial times during a student’s High School career. A certain stressful point during this time is remaining organized while submitting applications (specifically, Financial Aid Applications). However, NextGenVest students are here to assist you with 3 key steps to organizing your financial aid applications:

Consult Your Counselor!

Be sure to give copies of your tax forms to your counselor early on in the application process. Colleges/Universities want to know how much income you receive, and by giving your counselor your parent/guardian’s 1040/1040ez tax form early on in the school year (August/September), you are not only creating your financial aid portfolio, but you are also already taking the next step for filling out other forms such as CSS Profile or FAFSA (which are due in January/February of the new year!).

Keep Track!

Email all online links to yourself and your parent/guardian. Keeping track of how far you are with CSS/FAFSA can be a bit challenging. Luckily, Collegeboard emails students with their specific login information, so they are able to easily manage and work on their applications with their counselor or parent/guardian. When I first filled out the CSS profile, I copied and pasted the link and sent it to my mother and myself. By completing this action, I know that in the near future I can be able to search in my gmail and instantaneously go back and continue on where I left off.

Create a Personal Checklist!

Create a personal checklist for yourself. During Senior Year, it can become hard to balance academic responsibilities and maintain a social life, but what helps me as a student is creating personal checklists everyday. Whenever there are any majors tasks given to me, it's always a good idea to mark them down, from hardest to easiest. You're able to concentrate all of your energy on harder tasks that need that energy, and once you check that task off your list, you not only create a personal victory for yourself, but you also won't have to rush at the last minute.