3 Insider Bowdoin Money Tips Only Upperclassmen Would Know

By Jessica Gluck - Bowdoin College

Wouldn’t it be great to know all the best spots on campus to save money, use your student ID for hidden savings and find the cheapest textbooks before we overspend?Here are a few helpful back to school tips forfirst years and upperclassmen alike to save time, money and hassle at Bowdoin College! 

Best Places to Eat

Even though Bowdoin Dining has notably been ranked #1 for food in the U.S. it is always nice to explore different options. Brunswick has a variety of awesome restaurants that my friends and I go to at least once a week.  Little Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant that has really good sushi and noodle dishes. If you’re going with a bigger group you can also request the private Tatami room in the back of the restaurant! If you’re into Vietnamese pho, Little Saigon is also a great option.

The best bakery/sandwich place in town is Wild Oats. All of the food there is natural and fresh. For those with dietary restrictions, Wild Oats has Gluten free and Vegan options. P.S Wild Oats also offers student discounts for Bowdoin Students on Sundays!


Bowdoin recently closed down the Textbook Store on campus and now books are sold through Chegg.com, an online textbook distributor. Most of the time the textbooks are extremely expensive so many students usually compare the prices to those on Amazon to see if there is a better deal. The upside to Chegg is that you have the option to rent or buy your textbooks as well as a choice between new and used books. Depending on the book, you can sometimes get a very good deal if you choose to buy a used copy instead of a new one. 

Other Activities

If you’re into skiing or snowboarding in the winter, there is a Ski and Ride club on campus that offers FREE transportation to the slopes on Saturdays and Sundays! It is a great opportunity to get to see Sugar Loaf Mountain and Sunday River and another awesome way to meet people.

The Outing Club is another popular club on campus that offers a variety of trips every weekend. You are required to pay $40 for the full year. However, paying your dues gives you access to renting any kind of equipment and going on as many trips as you want. If you are into the outdoors it is definitely worth it! And, even better, the Outing club allows all students to go on one free trip during the school year. Cha-ching!