3 FAFSA Fails as Told by Students

A big part of the college application process is applying for scholarships and applying for the FAFSA. Sometimes for first-generation college students, it’s not as easy and most of the time there is a mistake on their FAFSA application. Here are a three FAFSA fails as told by high-school students:

Making the Small Mistakes

This can vary from putting the wrong birth date, address, or even name to putting the wrong test scores by accident. One student said, “I had to go into the counselor’s office after realizing that I put the wrong SAT scores on my application”. And a couple others had to go fix the extra 0s in their phone numbers or misplaced “i”s in their name. Some people just misplace the information and put them in the sections that they don’t belong.


Adding More Colleges to the FAFSA

Many students reported that they didn’t know about being able to go back into their FAFSA and changing the 10 colleges they originally put on their application. It is recommended that the 10 colleges you put into your FAFSA application be those from your state and then those out of state but sometimes students apply to more than 10. So how do we put more than 10? Well, after the first 10 receive the FAFSA applications (check your portals every so often), you can go back and switch those for the ones you haven’t sent your FAFSA to. But it just so happens that several students forget or just never learn that they can do that.

Submitting the FAFSA

Sometimes submitting the FAFSA is the hardest part of it. If you didn’t do the application right it will not let you submit until you get it right. Many students reported not being able to submit it and couldn’t understand what they needed to fix. I remember being one of them and it took me having to make an appointment with my counselor to finally get it right. It turns out that I put the wrong information in one of the boxes that belonged in a different box. It will give you a number of the part of the application that was done wrong or maybe not filled in. Sometimes it is better to get your counselor’s or teacher’s help in order to get it fixed and if not, google is your best friend.

BUT that's okay because...