3 Clever Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts

By Maddie Boyer - Kent Place

The holidays like to sneak up on you. One second you’re buying back-to-school supplies, and the next, October’s almost over and Mariah Carey rules the radio. The festive season can take a toll on time—and your wallet. But you don’t have to go broke this holiday season to give incredible gifts and show family and friends you care about them. There are plenty of great ways to conserve cash while having an incredible holiday.

Homemade Goes A Long Way

Homemade gifts are a great way to show someone how much they mean to you while saving big $$$$. Not only does it show that you went out of your way and aren’t materialistic, but it also has a personal touch that the receiver is bound to love. By knitting your mom that scarf, baking your sister’s favorite batch of cookies, or making your best friend a photo album of your favorite memories together, you’ve not only saved a ton of money that you’ll be glad to have down the line, but you’ve also created a sweet symbol of appreciation. Even more, you should definitely spend an hour to make a healthy snack as opposed to buying everyone holiday treats. 

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk, especially if you’re going to a Holiday Party where you need a bunch of small things for a bunch of friends or have a grab bag, can be a great way to save some money while also checking people off your checklist. By getting a set of five lotions for example, you have gifts for your mom, Aunt Sandra, Grandma Jeannie, your sister, AND your best friend—all for the price of one. Not only do these packs come in fun varieties, but they can also save you loads of time and money, making your holiday a lot less stressful so you can avoid rushing around in a panic.

Reuse Wrapping

While this doesn’t always work for wrapping paper, reusing bows, bags, and boxes can be a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way to take on this holiday season. Rather than tossing that cute box in the trash, save it for next year when you can reuse it for wrapping. Although it’s a small investment, buying all the new wrapping materials every year can add up fast, and by recycling and repurposing, not only do you have a happier Earth, but you have a happier wallet.

There’s no reason to break the bank during the holiday season! Not only will these three tips give you a less stressful holiday search, but they’ll also help you save a ton down the line. Whether you’re saving up for college or just those post-holiday sales, these tips will let you treat yourself, your loved ones, AND keep your bank account happy.