21 Students Taking a Productive Approach to Winter Break

By The NextGenVest Team

Winter break is a time for re-grouping and thinking ahead. For some that means catching up on much needed sleep, hanging out with friends, and finishing college applications. For others it means learning new skils, meeting new people, and making an impact. NextGenVest is excited to announce our 2014 Winter Intern Class. All accepted interns have a passion for bringing financial literacy and life skills to students around the world, learning key business skills, and building a global network. The NextGenVest Team is excited to work with them and make their winter break productive and impactful. 


Marketing & Production Winter Intern Class: 

WHAT WILL THEY DO? This intern class will be working on creative NextGenVest media campaigns, developing new products, and creating strategies that NGV Clubs will use to increase global student collaboration. 

  • Regan Brady, Ohio 
  • Siyu Cao, New Jersey 
  • Beatriz Labadan, China
  • Adeleke McMillan, Massachusetts
  • Nadja Franklin-Pryor, New Jersey 
  • Felix Schliemann, New York 
  • Monique Lawrence, New York 
  • Clare Ryan, New York 

Business Development Winter Intern Class: 

WHAT WILL THEY DO? This intern class will be structuring productive sessions with NextGenVest College Fellows, driving new sponsorships, and designing regional conferences. 

  • Jihyeon Kim, South Korea
  • Danna Albanyan, Saudi Arabia
  • Nathan Lee, Los Angeles 
  • Carrie Guan, China
  • Madisen Siegel, Massachusetts
  • Lucas Kim, Massachusetts
  • Amanda Vasilakis, New York 
  • Rose Sikder, New York
  • Mariam Trichas, New Jersey 
  • Emmitt Sklar, New York 
  • Alexis Elliot, New Jersey
  • David Douglass, New Jersey
  • Diamante Ortiz, New York
  • Luke Demonico, New Jersey 

Welcome NextGenVest Winter Intern Class!

Follow their internship experience @NextGenVest