10 Key Questions to Ask Your NextGenVest Money Mentor

By Daniel Gomez
NextGenVest is a company that provides college insight and scholarships to High school students. NextGenVest’s Money Mentors are a great way for students and parents to look into scholarships to help pay for college or how they should expect from college from people who went through college. But, many who have Money Mentors don’t know what to ask them to help them get the most out of their money mentors. Here are ten questions to ask your Money Mentor to get the most out of your experience.

Are there any scholarships in your chosen field?

There are many scholarships that deal with Business, Science, History, etc. choosing scholarships that are in a field of study that you like or are studying. helps you reinforce some skills and insures your chances of getting it since it’s something that you’re interested in. And, is a task you’re familiar with giving you more experience in what needs to be done.

What do you wish you knew about college before you got into college?

NextGenVest users are in high school using the site and resources to help them get scholarships to pay for their semester tuition completely looking over what they should expect from college life itself. Asking this can help you get a better mindset of what colleges will be like and what to expect from someone who went through the exact same as you soon will.

Are there any scholarships for my ethnicity or state?

Typically, scholarships are open to all, but there are some that say “only for those of Latin descent”. These scholarships are completely overlooked students since it’s not something that's searched. Thousands of dollars go to waist in these cases since no one applied to these scholarships. Take advantage of this, the less applicants for a scholarship mean the better chances of you getting the money. The same goes for scholarships that say “only in Iowa” etc. this money just sits unused since a number of scholarships are open to all states

What’s “dorm life” like in college?

For many students, the first encounter they have of “dorm life” is through television. They see the Hollywood rendition of college dorms where there’s designated buildings for men and women, you can’t go out after six, or there’s a glamorous kitchen on the ground floor for some to use for cooking. Though when they get to college and see the dorms and what life will be like in them they’re completely shell shocked at the differences and similarities between the life they thought and what it’ll be like.

What do you wish you knew about living away from home before college?

For many living, away from home and your parents is this amazing thing you’re an adult! You can set your own rules, stay up as long as you want watching Netflix till 5 in the morning. Spend your own money on headphones, clothing or anything else you think you deserve. All of these glorious thoughts cover some of the less glamorous aspects of living away from home. Bills, Homesickness, buying your own supplies, with your own money. By getting a first hand account of life away from home you get a better glimpse of what to expect and how to accommodate yourself.

How needed is a roommate?

College can be expensive especially when you decide to live off campus in your own apartment or loft. Trying to pay for an apartments rent is near impossible as a starting college freshman (unless three or more jobs sounds appealing to you). Having a roommate cuts rent cost down by half. Allowing you to worry less about rent payments and at the same time giving you some extra walking around money to spend on activities you’ll enjoy.

How hard is college life?

College is hard, having to manage your own schedule, and living alone is a scary thing to think about. Being able to get a firsthand account of what to expect in your classes, with your teachers, how much homework to expect is a huge advantage. Over those who go in with no knowledge of what to expect.

What are classes like?

College classes can be intimidating for freshmen in colleges. Going from a class of 30 students to one that has 200+ is a huge jump. By asking other college students what their classes were like it reduces the intimidation of the class. Making the feeling of a 200 student class seem like nothing new rather than this looming terror

How many hours should I take per semester?

To be a full time student in college you need 12 hours or more. There’s also other things you should take into consideration if you want to work or maybe you’re in some extracurricular. It’s best to ask someone since they’ve gone through the exact same that you did and be able to give you insight to make your decision better and more thought out. Reducing the chances of you taking on more classes than you can handle and stretching yourself thin.